Monday, February 21, 2011

Unexpected Blessings

Sometimes God blesses in ways that are unexpected.  Eight months ago Carl (my DH) and I found out that we we're expecting our fifth child!  At first it was like having the wind knocked out of us because it was that much of a shock. I thought I had left my childbearing years behind me as my oldest is about to enter her teen years this June. As happy as I was because children are a blessing from the Lord, I did have some anxieties.  

Eliana Grace Ubinas

But as always when it is God's plan He delivers in amazing ways. Now as I hold my beautiful little girl in my arms it feels so right that she's a part of this family and all the anxieties I had melted away the moment I picked her up to hold her. 

Although I THOUGHT my family was complete before, I now realize that it wasn't.  I 'm so glad God knows us better than we know ourselves.    

My amazing kids ~Counterclockwise~
Carina (12), Carlos (11), Michael (8), Gabriela (6) and Eliana (9 days old)