Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Road Less Traveled

Who doesn't love a good road trip?...
The adventure and excitement of a journey that's promised to be filled with experiences beyond the norm.

Road trips bring a sense of freedom, even if for a moment.  I think part of that feeling of freedom comes from traveling for miles and miles nonstop.

It's almost hypnotic.

Yet these same trips wouldn't have the same allure if we were bumper to bumper in a traffic jam.

As I write this post I'm on a road trip myself, somewhere between North Carolina and Virginia, traveling alongside cars that are headed in the same direction, but are on a different journey. Somewhere on this road that seems never ending we all have our exit that leads us to our own destination.

But sometimes we can forget the trip we started out on and begin following others on their journey.
We leave behind the road less traveled, forgo the adventure, and take the crowded highway. We abandon our gps customized for our personal trip and recalculate based on someone else's navigational system.

Eventually we get lost. 
Sometimes we forget where we were headed to begin with, but we continue on because most people seem to be headed in that direction.

We begin to fear the solitude of the road less traveled and follow the crowd for comforts sake because comfort feels good. 
It's familiar and feels safe.

But comfort robs us of reaching out beyond the norm, of attaining the plans God has for us specifically, and keeps us from taking risks that were intended to build our faith.

We all have an individual journey and how great it is when we follow it.

What road on you on today? The wide crowded road or the road less traveled?