Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Days of Drawing Closer as a Family

I am so excited to partake in The Nesters 31 Days Challenge!
I chose a topic that is near and dear to my heart.  

Disclaimer:  **I'm not an expert but I'd like to share what God has taught us and what we try to do to keep our family bond strong.**

I'm a Pastor's wife and a mom of 5 kids.  Our homeschool ranges from 9th grade down to 2nd grade while towing a toddler on my hip!  Some days can get crazy and it can be challenging to "feel close" when you feel like you need a break!  Put 7 sinners in one house, each with their own personality and there are challenges.  

Along with that comes a lot of vibrant noise, love, laughter, creativity and dreams.  There in lies the beauty of my Big Fat Homeschooling Family! Creatively we try to work together to turn those challenges into learning experiences and celebrate the fruits of our labor when God blesses us with rewards.  

I'll be blogging daily about the little things that can make a big difference in our family life.  I hope you join me on this journey and if you do, please comment. I'd love to hear how God is working in your family!

Come back to this post to keep up with all 31 days.

Day 1- Communicating Effectively
Day 2- Modeling Unity in Marriage
Day 3- Come Just as You Are
Day 4- Devoted to God
Day 5- Serving Joyfully
Day 6- Working Together
Day 7- Sabbath Rest
Day 8- Cooking Together
Day 9- Make Dinner a Special Event
Day 10-Go On a Picnic
Day 11-Family Night
Day 12-Fullness of Law and Grace
Day 13-Laugh Out Loud
Day 14-Read Aloud
Day 15-Story Telling
Day 16-Family Meetings
Day 17-Live with Conviction
Day 18-The Great Outdoors
Day 19-Learning Together
Day 20-One-on-One Time
Day 21-Break the Rules
Day 22-Create Tradition
Day 23-Serving As a Family
Day 24-Making Time to Play
Day 25-Cherish the Moments
Day 26-Encourage One Another
Day 27-Be Creative
Day 28-No Secrets From the Family
Day 29-Show You Are Committed
Day 30-Sacrifice For Each Other
Day 31-Be Who God Called You To Be