Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Go on a Picnic

Being that we've been on the topic of food for the past two days, I thought I'd continue the theme.   Picnic time!  

Most of us have images of picnics being laid back.   Theres no reason why picnics can't be had between activities as a way to slow down our lives a bit!  Simplicity is key here. A packed sandwich, a snack, and a drink is a healthier alternative than grabbing fast food on the go.  Plus fast food is just that... fast... usually gobbled down in the car instead of enjoyed. 

The great thing about picnic-ing is that it creates opportunities to enjoy our surroundings,  disconnect from technology and connect with the family.  Don't pick up the cell phone! Live simply, if even for a moment.

Do you have a favorite picnic spot?

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