Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Come Just as You Are

Have you ever been around a close family? They laugh, cry, share hugs and kisses. They are usually expressive with each other. They let down their guard and are vulnerable with each other. They don't try to be anything other than they are because with family we can be ourselves.

Do they always get along? No. Do they forgive and move on? Yes. The world has so many expectations of us that its nice to have a place of acceptance and abundant love despite our shortcomings.

By now you know your family's not perfect. But you love them anyway. And is there anything that could get between you and the love you have for them?

Not PMS, bad work days, or the teenage years.
Go ahead...Hug them, kiss them, forgive them.

Love them deeply so when the waters get deep in the trenches they know where to turn. They'll know who's going to receive them with open arms and a hug, no matter their condition. They'll know that, "this family loves you, no matter what... come just as you are."

Yet it all begins with us.  We're not perfect.  We make mistakes and need forgiveness.  Its Ok to be wrong as long as we make it right.  Our example of humility shows our family that we are in this together. Sometimes we need them to give us a hug of comfort. 

When my husband makes a mistake and wants to ask me for forgiveness, he calls the kids and asks for my forgiveness in front of them.  He doesn't do this to be showy, he uses it as a teachable moment to teach them that when we mess up, we need to make it right. I think its cute, because I love that he's man enough to say, "I messed up." He's OK being vulnerable in front of his family because he knows this is his safe place.  

Family accepts, loves, forgives, just as Jesus accepts us, loves us and forgives us after we come to Him, just as we are. 

Romans 5:8
But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.  

I love this quote that perfectly describes what family should be.
My goal is to live this out daily.

In this house...
We do second chances
We do grace
We do real
We do mistakes
We do I'm sorry
We do loud really well (we've mastered this part!)
We do hugs
We do family
We do love

What do you do to let your family know they can come just as they are?


  1. I love your list of family rules! Yes, family is about love and grace. Just like our Heavenly Father is with us, so we ought to be with each other. So blessed by my visit here!

  2. Thank Christine! I found this quote written on wall art through Pinterest. I want to make it and hang it at home. Glad you stopped by and enjoyed it. Blessings!