Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Story Telling

Now that I've expressed how great read-alouds are, let me tell you what my kids like just as much or even better...story telling.  A good, made up, silly story!

Made up stories aren't just for campfires. Who doesn't love a good story?Let me just say that I have no imagination for telling stories on the spot. No creativity, what. so. ever.

Pretend the kids are suppose to be going to bed and they ask me to tell a story... it goes something like this...
Once upon a time, there were 4 obedient children who loved their mother. When mom spoke they obeyed her at once.  When it was time for bed the kids would get ready and brush their teeth and hurry off to bed.  The end!

My stories are always about them and what I want them to do.
Yeah, not exactly what they want to hear but it always gets a good laugh accompanied with moans and groans.
I'm not a good story teller, I'd rather read aloud and leave the story telling to my husband, who's the rockstar at home for story telling!

Way back, when I only had my first three kids and my oldest was barely 6, my husband started telling them a story.  A very silly story. So silly the kids loved it!  He even had a title for his silly story and it became number one on their list.  It was called, Lost and Cousin.  Lost was actually the name of a character.  When they began asking for the story over and over, my husband began adding to it and made it a series that always left them in suspense. 

They would wait for about a week or so until he thought of a sequence told them the next one.  It was a big buzz! Like the season finale of a favorite show. In kid years, a week is a long time to wait!  

Now years later my kids still ask for these stories and talk about their favorite characters and story line. They actually remember a lot of the details that my husband and I have since forgotten. Maybe one day I'll write them down and pass them onto them to share or maybe they'll come up with their own great stories to tell their kids.

What kind of creative stories do you tell your kids?


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