Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Break the Rules

There are rules and then there are rules. You know, the ones we can break at times. Now I'm not saying breaking the big rules, the ones that are the heart of the home, what I am saying is relax. There are times that letting the little things go, creates an environment that makes our home fun.

Breaking the rules creates spontaneity, and who doesn't need a little spontaneity in their lives? The unexpected can lead to memorable moments.

In my home, when I go away and my husband is left with the kids for the night, they break the dinner rules and have ice cream for dinner.  A nice big sundae filled with the works. This seldomly happens because I can count the times I've been "away" for the night. Maybe five times in the past seven years! So it's OK because its not often.  For the kids this is a big deal, one that they love and have vivid memories of.  

What rules could you break? I guess it depends on what rules you can live with being broken and your family would enjoy! The point is to enjoy it.  

So go ahead, really, it's OK.  Break the rules once in a while and have fun while you're at it!
What rule would you break for fun?


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