Sunday, October 14, 2012

Laugh Out Loud!

This evening after a very long day, we stopped off for a meal before heading home.  We were really enjoying ourselves as we talked, reminisced in stories of the past, and laughed at the baby who was in quite an entertaining mood.  

We were having fun and began getting louder.  The paranoid side of me kept reminding them to lower their voices.  After a few reminders, my husband gave me the look that I read as, "relax, their having fun." After all, they were just enjoying each others company and laughing out loud (very loudly). 

I love to see my family laughing together. Its one of those simple pleasures that brings tremendous satisfaction to me.   

I grew up in a family with a lot of laughter and I recognize the unique bond that it creates. When my family gets together there is sure to be a lot of cackling going on and our get-togethers wouldn't be the same without it! We enjoy each others company and laugh out loud, putting inhibitions aside!  

According to, laughter is contagious and binds people together creating happiness and intimacy.  

One of the best way to create a laugh out loud environment is to lighten up and be able to laugh at yourself. In my home, we joke around a lot.  Anything can become an opportunity for a good laugh and no one is exempt from being laughed at (in a healthy way, of course). 

I have one child who is the family defense attorney, always coming to the defense of anyone she thinks needs it.  We often have to remind her that we're joking and are helping her learn how to laugh at herself instead of taking things too seriously.

In todays stress-filled world, we can all use a good laugh. Since laughter is known to be the best medicine, give your family a heaping dose. Build a foundation at home that evokes laughter and learn to laugh out loud!!! 

When was the last time your family laughed out loud together?


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