Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Create Traditions

When I say the word tradition, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? It could be celebrations that take place throughout the year like Thanksgiving and Christmas, or cultural food items, or certain ways of doing things. Most people love traditions and for the most part, we all have our own.  

We are all creatures of habit who gravitate to routines, and traditions solidify that feeling of knowing what to expect. Traditions are reminders...of happy, simple, or hopeful times and it brings comfort to us when we repeat those traditions and reminisce in great memories that were accompanied with people we love.

Do you have favorite traditions that you're passing down to your children? Passing down traditions are a wonderful way to share our heritage with our kids and the things that were important to us. 

AND...are you creating new traditions with them?  

Traditions don't have to be formal in any way!  It could be pizza and a movie every Friday night.  One of my family's favorite tradition is drinking hot chocolate by the pool when we come out at night.  Although we live in Miami and it's very hot in the summer, at night it can feel cool when you're all wet and the sun is tucked away, especially when you enter the air conditioned house!  So ever since my kids were little we've often had a tray of hot chocolate by the pool at the end of a late night swim.

Sometimes the greatest traditions are the new ones that we create with our own families. New traditions built in just for them are a way to capture those moments that you want to repeat and have them looking forward to.  

One day, when they have their own families they'll repeat some old traditions and hopefully continue to create new ones. 

What new traditions have you created with your family?

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  1. You shud make it a tradition to bring ur oldest daughter (me) to her favourite band (One Direction)'s concert with a VIP package and back stage passes and everything! ;D