Friday, October 26, 2012

Make Time to Play

I know. You're exhausted.  There's always so much to do and the more you do, the longer the list seems to get.  Who has time to play? I've come to the conclusion that we will never have the time to play, but instead, we have to make the time.  

Remember back in the days when you played?  Hours upon endless hours of tireless fun with no worries of deadlines or commitments or having to get dinner on the table. Those were the days...and although they won't return in quite the same way, we can still play and have fun.

Looking for simple fun? Build with blocks or put a puzzle together.
Play board games or get high tech with video games.
Go old school and play cards (still a favorite around here). 
Want to be artistic? Draw outside with chalk or create with play dough. 
Looking for adventure? Go geocaching.

My kids love to play card games.  One of their favorite is called May I, a card game my husband grew up playing. They enjoy playing with us at home, as well as with their grandma and grandpa and aunts and uncles.  Its a lot of fun, but I think the best part for them is who they're playing with.

One Christmas, my brother-in-law made marshmallow shooters for the kids out of pvc piping and duct tape.  This gift was a hit for the kids and adults alike! We  had endless fun shooting marshmallows back and forth.

Sometimes its good to put the to-do list aside and just play!  We're never too old to have fun and our kids really like when we get in on the fun with them. Playing keeps us young and also has the benefit of strengthening our relationship. The more time we spend with them now, the more likely they'll want to spend time with us as they get older. 

Do you make time to play with your children?

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  1. Spending more time playing with my children has been on my heart lately! It really is amazing how taking a little time to "be fun", as my kids call it changes the entire atmosphere of our home :)