Monday, February 10, 2014

Cherish the moments

Its been a long, long while since I last blogged.  Life once again took over, but I am back to finish what I 31 days to Drawing Closer as a Family.  

It was my daughters H.S. homecoming. As I watched her do her hair, it brought me back. It just seemed like yesterday I was putting pigtails in her hair and now she was capable of doing it on her own.  Where did the time go?

My little girl grew up before my eyes way too fast. I have a bucket list of things I'd like to do with her before college and now there are only a few years left.

The funny thing is that the days that make up the years sometimes seem to drag. Did you ever have a bad day and wonder how long until they grow up? Well I have, and as I look back, I realize that they go by faster than you think.

My advice? Cherish the moments. Enjoy the good moments, learn from the difficult ones but cherish them all. Before you know it, the days turn into years and the kids are all grown up.

Take the time to make memories, live one day at a time (totally need to work on this) and enjoy your family NOW.  Most of the moments I enjoy most with my family aren't planned, overdone activities.  Mostly, it happens as we lived life together doing the simplest of things. Cherish those times because it's those moments simply spent with each other that help us grow closer as a family.

What are some of your family's most cherished moments?

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