Monday, February 10, 2014

Encourage One Another

At times, the loved ones we're closest to, can be the ones that annoy us the most.  We can know each other so intimately that our focus can become more about the negatives than the positives in one another. 

If we're not careful, this can take down down a road of not being appreciative and taking each other for granted.

So how do we change that?

For one thing, begin by recognizing that God put the people in your family together for a reason.  He created you each individually to fill a specific purpose in your family. Just knowing that could change things since sometimes we can all feel purposeless. 

So now that you know this, how do we communicate it to our family?  
By encouraging them.  

Maybe you already do this and if you do, congratulations, for looking beyond the drudgery of the daily tasks and seeking the good instead of focusing on what could be better. 

If you need help in this area, then you are probably part of the majority of us who have great intentions of seeking the good, but can spend more time trying to perfect the flaws in our family instead. 

Can you believe for every negative comment it takes 10 positive comments to make up for it? I admit, I have a lot of making up to do!

But here's a twist, it's not only having you, the parents, encourage the children, it also takes the children encouraging each other and you the parent!  It's a team effort, and we can all use positive affirmation.

What we do every once in a while is go around the table, sometimes during dinner, and everyone takes turns saying three things they love about each other. Try it sometime, the results are really interesting.  

When we first began doing this, it was a little awkward for the kids. I think they felt a little vulnerable sharing what they loved, especially about their sibling. As time passed, they've shared great words of encouragement showing compassion and appreciation for the things that can often seem to go by forgotten. 

Encouraging one another can be a great reminder of the good things we see in each other and can make a huge difference in how our loved ones see themselves.  

Our words have power, therefore, we need to make sure that we speak words that are uplifting and encouraging. Reminded them of the gifts and strengths  they possess through Christ to make a difference both in the family and out in the world.    

How does your family encourage one another?    

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