Monday, February 10, 2014

Be Creative

Parenting takes ingenuity. We need to think outside the box at times. Be creative!
These are the moments they'll probably remember best. Creativity means things could get messy, but for the sake of making memories and building relationships, it's worth it.

Last year my older kids were going to Johnny Rockets with the youth group. They were super excited... My younger kids, not so much. I heard all the complaints. "Why don't we do anything fun?" "That's not fair." "How come they get to have all the fun," etc.. etc.. etc..

That is until I got creative! I planned a night of fun for them that was similar to the experience my older kids were having. I planned a Johnny Rocket meal... Burgers, fries and they opted for cream soda in the glass bottles instead of a shake. I called it Mommy Rocks It! Afterwards we watched a movie together and enjoyed the evening.

A few months later, the youth group had a lock in at church where they stay up all night and play games. My younger daughter couldn't go and was feeling a little left out. So, I planned our own night of fun.

I set up a fort in the family room using sheets and we set up sleeping arrangements underneath. We had a special meal together and camped in the family room that night after letting her stay up late. I called it Mommy Locks It! (Maybe a little cheesy, but it worked for her)

A little creativity goes a long way! What creative things have you done lately?

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