Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sacrifice For Each Other

If I had to wrap up this 31 days series into one post, it would come down to this...sacrifice for each other. Where there is sacrifice there is selflessness and where there is selflessness there is love.
Where there is love, there lies the heart of God.                

There is no greater example of sacrifice than that of our Lord Jesus. It cost Him everything so that we could receive what cost us nothing. Wow! That one truth is so powerful that even though I know it, I have to stop and think about it, over and over again.

Yet as crazy as that sounds, as a parent, I understand. I would give my life for my kids... and I know you would to, and we do when we give up daily and make the choice to put their needs before our own.

Its amazing what happens once we become parents. What we thought was important, takes second place to this tiny life that we are responsible for.  Thats a good thing. It's a God thing.  It's through Jesus life and sacrifice that we recognize his love for us. He didn't just talk about and live a commendable life as an example, He gave everything because He loved us.

Carl and I both have amazing parents who are great examples of sacrificing for their families. My dad will often say when we thank him for something he's done for us, "It's the circle of life, you'll do the same for your kids."  In other words, pay it forward. It's a good thing because we could never repay all the love, time, effort, sweat, blood, and tears, its taken to raise us. What we can do is to pass that blessing forward by doing the same for our family.

Jesus sacrificed, we follow His example and it teaches our kids to do the same.

In what ways does your family sacrifice for each other?

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