Sunday, March 30, 2014

Be Who God Called You To Be

So here we the end of the 31 day series... turned 2 years.
If you read along, you might be thinking I have it altogether.  I can assure you, nothing could be further from the truth! I could easily write 31 days of Mistakes I've Made as a Parent, but I choose not to dwell on the past and instead be proactive on moving ahead in a better direction.  
This is a topic I am passionate about because I long to be the best mom and wife to my children and husband.  I want my children to see Christ reflected in me and in the decisions I make.  This is a journal of sorts to remind me of the values that are important to me and of the things we've done (even if it was only once) and should do more of.

It hurts my heart to see families falling apart and children growing up missing the comfort that God designed for them to find in Him through the safety net of the family structure.

So now what? Assuming you've read the past posts, where do you go from here?  I ask this question because I too wonder the same thing. I know for a fact that I will mess up, get irritable and forget to put into practice even the simplest of these at times.  So for all of you wondering the same thing, I want to comfort you in knowing that it's OK. Just be who God called you to be.  

You are exactly who your family needs.  Now believe it! God doesn't make mistakes and although many times we feel less than, we are not!! We don't need job titles or fancy labels to define us. We were children of the Living Almighty God to do His will in our family.  

This blog is based on me and my family. I hope you will be inspired by it and connect with what I write so that it gets you thinking and you can build on some ideas and make it even better.  In your family, your situation, God has a plan.  I pray that you kneel before the throne of grace, at His feet, and let Him lead you to guide your family in drawing closer together.


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