Sunday, March 30, 2014

Show You Are Committed

Home, sweet, home.  What makes that saying true? Home is a place that brings comfort and a sense of belonging.  What makes home so sweet is what we find within the people who live there.   Home should be a safe haven where we find love, forgiveness, honesty, and people who are committed to one another.

Everyday we have a chance to show our family that we are committed to them.
Do our families know that no matter what, we are there and that they come first?
No matter how much we may be losing it today, can they count on us to get up tomorrow and do it all over again?
Do our children see our dedication towards our spouse, for better or for worse?
Are we devoted to family matters more than outside commitments?

Growing up, the most important thing to me, when I was in a ballet recital, was to look up and see my parents sitting in the crowd.  All else was background.  It was the love I felt in knowing that they were there for me.

Today, whether it's a recital, play, game, or working together through a math problem, I want to be there, committed to celebrating the highlights and cheering them on during their struggles.  I want them to know that they can count on me because I am devoted to them.  

What a beautiful picture of God we paint when we commit to one another. It says,  "I love you no matter what." In doing so we live out the message of God's love and provide that safe haven we all desire.

How committed are you to your family and their needs?

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