Friday, March 30, 2012

The value of a quarter

If I gave you a quarter, what would you do with it?
Your probably thinking there isn't much a single quarter can buy and for the most part, I'd agree with you.  When I use to think of what a quarter could buy, the only thing that crossed my mind were the gum ball machines my kids run to every now and then. 

A recent experience changed all that. I learned about an organization called Feed My Starving Children that packs food to send to locations where food is scarce and children are dying of starvation.  I signed my family up to volunteer when I heard they would be in Miami.  We spent two extremely fulfilling hours packing meals that cost less than $0.25 and could feed up to six children! 

As usual, our time spent with the intention to help others became a blessing to us as well.  My kids enjoyed serving and the reality of those poverty stricken across the globe became more of a reality for them, as well as the fact that they could join in to make a difference. 

My job in the food packing line up was to pour in the cup of soy beans and the cup of rice.  I couldn't help but think of all the times I've made rice in the past. Usually it's a mundane task, but as I filled each cup of rice and poured it in the packs I knew making rice would never be the same for me again.

I'm sharing this because their only advertising is through word of mouth.  They have very creative ways to help raise funds for them on their website.  One that I found super easy and a great reminder is to set up a can in your kitchen and add a quarter every time you eat a meal.  Isn't that great? So easy and so effective.  

It doesn't take much time or money to make a difference.  So little can go such a long way!  Now when I think about a quarter, I see the faces of children who could be fed a meal instead of becoming part of the statistics of starving to death. I am more aware of the difference the change at the bottom of my purse can make and my kids are learning the value of wise decision-making... gumball or feeding starving children?

How will you spend your change?

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