Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An Attitude of Gratitude

It was a normal manic Monday. I was sporting my lovely paint-stained sweats with a classic oversized hubby t-shirt. It was almost four in the afternoon and everyone was doing their chores. Well, almost everyone. Michael was not taking directions well from his older sister, so I had to step in.

"Why do we go through this every time? Chores are a part of life, so get used to it. Fighting or complaining won't get you out of it...," and on and on I went, telling him how opting out of his responsibilities was not an option.

He was upset. I was frustrated. So I went back to what I was working on while carrying on a conversation with myself about my frustration.

Then Gabriela, my 30 year old daughter disguised in a 6 year old body, walked in and asked me a question that changed my whole mood.

"Mommy, do you have a hard life?"
I cleverly answered her "Jesus style", with a quesion.
"Why do you ask that?"
She smartly-so didn't bite and responded by saying, "I asked you first."

Well...this was a loaded question, don't ya think?

On some days, yes, life seems hard as I race to a never ending finish line of fulfilling the duties of the many hats I wear. It's a feat just to get everyone going in the morning (including myself), get the basic laundry done, and keep track of schedules,

but do I have a hard life?


I'm here in my comfortable home with the temperature set to just right, as I load my dishwasher. I have clean running water, choices for dinner, and five kids who keep me running going.

I get to home school my kids, live in a free country and speak of my faith in public (like right here) without persecution.

With that thought, my perspective was adjusted, and my attitude shifted to gratitude. I looked at my inquisitive child who was waiting patiently for an answer.

"No, my life is not hard, but sometimes Mommy needs to be 
reminded of that."

Do you need reminders like that?
Does God sometimes speak to you through your children?

       Luke 18:16

But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 

Encouraging Word Wednesday


  1. Yeah, I need reminded. Life is easy even when physically we struggle. I am blessed. I'm going to remember my "attitude needs shifted to gratitude."

  2. Oh cool!!! I have a 30 yr old midget too!!! (my father gave her that title about two days after we came home with her from China at the age of 12 mo.) She is currently pretending to live in a 7 yr old body...but we all know that she is faking it. She is an old soul just like your angel!!!
    Thanks for the reminder of how "Hard" my life really is...Ha Ha. God uses my kids to knock me over the head most every day!!! LOL
    Blessings to you and yours
    Shelley at

  3. Reminders are good, aren't they? I think its one of the reasons God gave us kids!