Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Standing Besides "Men of Courage"

Have you gone to see the movie Courageous yet?
If you haven't I want to encourage you to go see it!!!!

It was a great movie and one particular part really struck me.
It's when Adam is speaking to the church and he calls the men out.  He begins by saying, "so where are you, men of courage?...

This led me to ask,
 "where are these men of courage?"
Yes, these men that lack the courage are a product of a fallen society, a fatherless nation, that has continued on a spiral decline of morality, as well as irresponsibility, towards fulfilling their God-given role. 

 But can we, women, sit here and cast all the blame in one direction?
Or can we, sometimes, be part of the problem?

Now, you have to admit, there is that Eve streak we all possess.
You know what I'm talking about...
we want it our way,  
we manipulate circumstances, 
we just know think we know better.

There's a reason why the submission verse in the bible addresses us specifically, ladies.

Now, I wish I could say that I am the perfect submissive wife...
but I'm not.
 I constantly need to remind myself to follow my husbands leading;
there are times when I doubt His direction.  

What if He's wrong?
What if this is not from God?
What if He didn't pray enough about it?

Well, those are legitimate concerns, 
but I've learned to focus on doing what God calls me to do 
while leaving my husband and his decisions in God's hands. 

I've seen way too often, 
women rob their husbands out of their duty to lead 
because they didn't like the direction they were being led in.

 I've seen men shrink back and take a back seat, 
missing out on the blessings that were probably before them,
 had they chosen to step out in courage and lead.  

God knows our concerns and He has them in mind, so we can be reassured that His plan will prevail over our marriages, parenting, finances, career etc... without us taking control.

As God-fearing women we need to encourage our men 
to live up to their potential 
so that when God calls out these "men of courage," 
we can proudly be
 standing besides them.

Are you standing besides your "man of courage?"

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