Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Favorite Christmas Decoration

Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration? One that sets the tone for the season or maybe has sentimental value? I do.

There is one thing on my Christmas tree that makes me smile a little more than anything else on display.  Its the tree topper. Instead of a star or an angel, ours is a cross. A cross made out of a cardboard box and painters tape and covered with a nice coating of spray paint.  Carl made it a few years ago and its different than most tree toppers. 

Why a cross? To have a great reminder of why he came into the world. The baby born in the manger grew up, conquered death and became my Savior and yours. We celebrate His birth because of what was conquered at the cross.  Without the cross there would be no celebration and no hope for eternal life with God.  

If you take a good look at our homemade cross, you can see all the imperfections on it. One piece of tape overlapping another piece, wrinkled edges, and a less than perfect paint job. It was done with the intentions of fixing it up and making it look a little nicer, but that never happened.  

This year before letting it adorn the top of the tree, we (the kids) spray painted it again, but left all the other imperfections there. Its grown on me.  As I look at it I'm reminded of all the imperfections that I bring with me to the cross and all that Jesus did to set me free. 

Does your Christmas decor reflect Jesus as the reason for the season? 
How are you reminded of Jesus love this Christmas? 


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