Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 27: Express Yourself

Sing to the LORD, praise his name; proclaim his salvation
day after day.

Yesterday was a very exciting day for our family.  After church, my kids had a music recital in which they were performing. Family and friends came out to see the show and everyone enjoyed it. For me it was a milestone moment. 

After months and months of taking our kids for lessons, making sure they practiced and watching them have high and low's in the process, it came down to the event of seeing it all come together. 

I was very proud of the way they performed because I saw each of my children expressing themselves in the way they were gifted. 

I was most appreciative of the hard work and time that went into teaching them. Their teachers, (all volunteers since this music program is a church ministry) all using their God-given talent to praise the Lord and teaching their students, so they in turn too, will praise the Lord.


              to exhalt... 
            give honor...
                                                                                            bring glory...

to our maker through the gifts He blesses us with. ...its a beautiful thing!
Sometimes we see praise as something that is boxed into a Sunday morning service.  Three to five songs in between a good message and we call it "Praise and Worship," but praise and worship goes beyond Sunday gatherings.

Its an expression of our gratitude to Him FOR everything, therefore, we should praise Him WITH everything.

 As I watched the performance and I saw these children sing and play instruments for the glory of God, it touched my heart.   I can imagine how much it touched the heart of God to see His creation glorifying Him.

I started to think about praising God and expressing our love to Him.
So, how do we express ourselves to God? 
Some people use music as a form of expression. 

There is something about music that is so moving. It can transport you back in time and stir emotions. It makes you want to move, dance, shout, and lift hands. Music is a form of expression that touches our very soul.

One of our most touching nights out was when we sang in the fields. In the middle of this vast field, in darkness and the stillness of the night, we praised the Lord in song.

Our voices rang out, cutting through the silence. We were expressing our love to the Lord.

Scripture speaks about singing songs to the Lord and praising Him daily. Praise should be an everyday affair because we always have a reason to express ourselves to Him.

Psalm 61:8
Then I will ever sing in praise of your name and fulfill my vows
day after day.

Most of us have dedicated a song to someone. The lyrics have been perfect, the melody moving, and we have been stirred inside by the rythm that blends our feelings for someone and the things we would like to express to them, in perfect harmony. 

It becomes the perfect song.

 Newlywed couple constantly express their love for each other and not ashamed to do so in public because they are in love and their expression of love comes naturally.  They are uninhibited.

So how do we express our love to the Lord? Do we, like the newlywed couple, wait in anticipation to be together? Does our love know no bounds?
Be uninhibited with the yourself!
Are you in love with God?
Do you have a song dedicated to the Lord?

Our life should be a reflection of Him.  
If you haven't dedicated a song to the Lord yet, make that dedication, your life.

May your lifesong sing to Him daily!

Psalm 98:1
Sing to the LORD a new song, for he has done marvelous things; his right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him.

Listen to Casting Crowns song "Let my Life Song Sing to You"

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