Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 1: Spiritual Daily Bread

Getting up and out of the house early is a challenge in itself at my house so it didn't help that we began the Manna Principle Project (MPP) this week, of all weeks! My kids had testing... you know, end of year National State Tests.  The type I stress out over for weeks before and then weeks after until I receive the results! Well, this is how it went...

We couldn't begin this project without the biggest change being spiritually. After all, we are asking God to provide our Daily Bread. 

John 6:35, Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty." We decided that we would receive our daily bread spiritually first, then go to the supermarket to buy our physical daily bread for the day. 
In an attempt to do something different and get out of our daily surroundings, we got up early and headed down the block to the neighborhood park.  Its amazing to me how the change of scenery changed my perspective.  Hearing the birds chirping, watching the morning sun rise above the shadows of the houses, and the smell of the morning air helped me focus better on my time with God. 

It would normally be easy to have put off our spiritual daily bread time on a day like today when testing would have taken presedence.  In a way, I think our timing in beginning this experiment is perfect because it 's helping us put the focus where it should always be, on our relationship with the Lord, instead of on other things in life that we sometimes prioritize. 

Was it easy- not really! I'm not a morning person, but there was something special in doing this. It reminded me of Jesus and how he would go out early in the morning before daybreak to spend time with His father in prayer (Mark 1:35). I think its a good reminder to keep me grounded during times when I get busy and may not feel I can take the time to do this.  Jesus was a lot busier and I can't compare my trivial schedule of house chores, homeschooling, and errands to that of the Lord's healings, casting demons, and preaching.

Today I came to Jesus and he fed me. He gave me more than just a taste.  He provided my daily bread and fed my soul.  

Are you coming to receive your daily bread from the Lord?

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